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Schedule Date: Jan 15th @ 12:17am EST
Hi guys.
This year 2021 I will have a new schedule:

Monday to Sunday at 5 apm -3 am.

I will rest one day a week and I will be telling you my chosen day. I love you so much
Hi! Date: Jan 8th @ 10:49pm EST
Hello guys, I am a little sick since yesterday, but I'll be back tomorrow. I promise you we can be together soon. Kisses.
Schedule Date: Sep 26th @ 5:35am EDT
Hello guys, I want to inform you that from today, every Saturday I will be online from 2 pm to 10 pm. I hope we can spend time together like always,no worry the other days I will be on my normal schedule. XOXO
What I like Date: Aug 9th @ 2:16am EDT
No worry Date: Jul 4th @ 12:17am EDT
Hello guys! I miss you already. I can't wait for it to be Sunday and be with you., for the moment I am take care so much, because I am a little sick. See you soon, XOXO.
Thank you guys Date: Apr 29th @ 12:39pm EDT
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